Nature’s Colour Palette

I just love this time of the year when around every corner your eyes can be presented with a burst of colour that makes you feel good to be alive.

Fairy Dancers

Fairy Dancers

Whether by land or sea, near woodlands or out in the open, everywhere Nature is showing off her beauty.  I love to photograph plants that are growing in unusual places or even where there is very little soil to provide sustinance.



The detailed segments of a fern branch

Ferny trellis

Ferny trellis

The range of shade of a single colour

Pink to make the girls wink

Pink to make the girls wink

You cannot fail to be impressed with what you can find.  Just take your camera for a walk and treat it to some wonderful colourful visions.  So good for the soul.

cheers for now.

See you soon



I’m Back


2013-11-08 10.14.38

Gosh, I cant believe its a year since my last post. I suppose blog writing does not really come naturally to me but as someone said, “If you are writing on Facebook, you can write on a blog”, so here goes.

I wont bore you with all the bits and pieces of my life in the last year, but there have been a lots of interesting happenings including some amazing crafting courses I attended, some fascinating exhibitions and plays I went to topped off with some fabulous places visited.

20140510_130412 (1)


Today’s taster is of a course I was lucky to get into in the Archaeology Museum here in Dublin. On Saturday 10 May Aislinn Collins gave a 2 hour workshop on Viking Weaving. Both Viking men and women enjoyed adorning their clothes with colourful braids.

Somewhat like the Irish crios that was used in the West of Ireland as a sash often tied around the waist.  In later years they were used as straps for guitars and mandolins and other decorative purposes.


It is a slow process, this was all I had to show for nearly 2 hours work.  It can also be back breaking as you tie one end of the threads to a door handle or some other fixed post and the other end is tied to a belt you wear.  Then the threads are turned in different patterns and a weft thread is woven over and back through the gap. It is well worth looking up on uTube to get some sense of the process.  Loved doing it but don’t think I would have the patience to do it on a full time basis.

If you are in Dublin there is an exhibition in the Archaeology Museum of Viking artefacts that is well worth a visit.

That’s it for this week.  Hope to be back soon.

Take care

Mo xx


A Time of Mixed Emotions


Poppy for Rememberance

Poppy for Remembrance

Our next-door neighbour Dave passed away after a 4 year battle with leukaemia.  He was only 43.

The father of my lovely Finnish friend Heli, passed away after taking a brain haemorrhage in Dublin airport on his way to visit her for a much anticipated holiday.

2 events that brought sadness to many but also stopped us in our tracks.  Our lives are filled with worries large and small and often its the small ones that take over our minds and cause the most anxiety.   Negative people can drain you, take your energy and leave you stressed out and exhausted.   So break free from the negative and take back control of your life.

Life is short – all we can be sure of is this moment.   Don’t wait until tomorrow to do/say/meet/hug/ring/write to/laugh/love/say sorry……….  You might never get the chance if you wait.

Window in Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Window in Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Busy, Busy, Busy,


– cant believe I missed my blog last week!!!   Its Bank Holiday Monday here in Ireland and the sun is doing its best to come out…..

Out and about

Out and about

The weeks are just flying by and thankfully I have been very busy crafting (loads of orders coming in), visiting friends and having days out with my lovely hubby.

So this will just be a quick hello with a few photos of my work in progress and the Baby Teething Sets that are proving very popular. . . they come in a nice craft  gift box.

Work in Progress - necklace

Work in Progress – necklace

Shamrock selection

Shamrock selection

Work in Progress - new handbag line...

Work in Progress – new handbag line…

Baby Teething Sets - very popular

Baby Teething Sets – very popular

Got to go again – heading out for tea!!  I will be back soon with some photos from my recent beachcombing and the tip of the week.  Some of you have asked for some Crochet tips so stay tuned.

Cheers for now

Our Museum – a wonderful free resource

Good afternoon from a dull and fairly chilly Dublin.

I don’t know about you, but this weather has me really baffled.  It changes by the hour.  We had a brief 15 mins of sunshine this morning and the heat was great so I put out some washing on the line.  Now it looks as if it is going to rain – oh well.  Lets not dwell!!



I have had another great creative week .     In Ireland during the month of May we hold the Bealtaine Festival – a time set aside to celebrate creativity as we age –  I was lucky enough to get a place on a 4 day Calligraphy Course in the Archaeology Museum here in Dublin being taught by Tim O’Neill.  We used the Faddan More psalter as our inspiration and got a wonderful taste of the skill and art involved in this amazing craft.

The hardworking group

The hardworking group

This is how you do it!!

This is how you do it!!

Tim is an amazing teacher with such a wealth of knowledge – I think he has started me on yet another crafty road – mmmmm possibilities!!  And for anyone wishing to feed their creative imagination, a visit to any of our museums would be beneficial.  They have amazing staff there to help and advise and the collections are awe inspiring.

Tim O'Neill our tutor

Tim O’Neill our tutor

My work in progress - to be continued!!

My work in progress – to be continued!!

Some of my greeting cards!!

Some of my greeting cards- needing some updating!!

Fresh from the joy of that creative workshop I spent the weekend out and about with my hubby and friends catching up and enjoying the sunshine.  And then yesterday, Tuesday, I met up again with the wonderful group of people who were involved with me in the Samhain Festival in the Archaeology Museum on 1 November 2012.  2 months of workshops with Elaine Agnew and what an amazing performance piece resulted.  Take a look at the 2 u-tube films at this link.

Another happy week over.

Tip of the week

“A quick recipe for a low cal Red Onion Marmalade:  4 red onions sliced thinly, 4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, 4 tablespoons of sweetener  2 beef stock cubes in 300 ml water, and a pinch of chilli powder.  Put all in a saucepan and simmer for about 45 mins until it become thick.  Remove from pot, let it cool and enjoy!! “

That’s it for now.  Hope you all have a great week.

Do keep in touch.


Mo xx

Monday – New Week – New Opportunities

I love Monday Morning.

That first cuppa!!

That first cuppa!!

While waiting for the kettle to boil for my first coffee of the day I love the anticipation of a week ahead full of possibilities.  Its like the way you used to feel as a child on Christmas morning waiting for the sun to come up so you could run downstairs to see what Santa had brought.

Whats in the box??

Whats in the box??

For most of my working life I had been an habitual list maker – every Monday morning the weekly list was compiled with expected completion times indicated and the success or failure of the week was measured by the number of completed items.  That need for list-making spilled over into the rest of my life and my family (you know who you are….) often made fun of my obsession.

Lets start that list....

Lets start that list….

Now, 3 years after leaving the world of commerce behind I can finally say my obsession is a thing of the past.  I embrace the Monday morning free of the need to take pen to paper.  I sit and enjoy the coffee and wonder what the week is going to bring.  I still have some events planned for during the week but these are mostly enjoyable outings and events that I have control over.

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

In the last week I had lunches with friends, attended a meeting in the new Etsy office here in Dublin, made some enquiries about ideas I have bubbling in my head and cleared out a press (amazed – I found a box of buttons I thought I had lost forever!!!).  All that as well as loads of crafting and the usual housework and shopping that comes to us all.  All in all a good week.



This week I am taking part in a wonderful calligraphy workshop in the National Museum – so excited – will tell you all about it next week.

Tip of the week:

” Trouble sleeping?  Leave a note book on the bedside locker and write any niggles or worries into it before going to bed.  Also it is handy to have for taking note of any inspiring ideas that come to mind first thing in the morning.  Works for me!!”

Thats it for now.  Have a good week.  Take some time out to be good to yourself.

 See you next week

Mo x

Summer is here at last….

Sunshine Spinning

Sunshine Spinning

Oh the joy of summer sunshine and washed clothes blowing in the breeze . . . green grass pebbledashed with dandelions and daisies . . .  trees some with delicate pink flowers and others with tentative pale green leaves peeking out . . . fields full of young lambs and calves dancing with the fun of youth . . .  and me with the spinning wheel out in the heat of a May Bank Holiday.

Colour Change in Winter

Colour Change in Winter – Natural History Museum

Its been a good week overall.  I got to meet a lot of my friends for coffees and lunches.  As I don’t work in the city any more I try to get in to meet people at least once a month and do some shopping and cultural visiting.  This week I dropped into the Natural History Museum of Ireland with my sister.

Lion in waiting

Lion in waiting – Natural History Museum

It has an amazing collection of animals from all over the world perfectly preserved and free to visit.



I spent an afternoon with my Etsy pal Anne-Marie walking on the beach in Dollymount here in Dublin.

Dollymount Strand, Dublin

Dollymount Strand, Dublin

Fresh air and good conversation – you cant beat it.

Defensive Action (not mine....)

Defensive Action (not mine….)

And finally a day spent wandering in the countyside with my wonderful hubby – stopping for food, taking in the views and laughing at the antics of some “local ladies” …

Local Ladies!!

Local Ladies!!

All in all a very enjoyable week – so much so that this weeks blog post is late, but hopefully it was worth waiting for.

Next week I will definitely introduce you all to the Baby Collection in my Etsy shop and introduce you to some Etsy friends.

Tip of the Week

“For all you potential buyers of handcrafted items – please remember that not only are you buying that e.g. necklace but you are getting the creativity of the maker as well as their dreams and positive energy.  And all you handcrafters be proud of what you do – you are gifted and talented and deserve positive feedback and loads of sales.”

Have a great week

Mo x